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At Port Olímpic you'll find the widest range of services for boat hire, with or without a skipper, with several firms specialising in charters and incredible activities for families, groups, companies, practical sailing experience, etc.

EVENTS PORT BARCELONAcharter, eventos náuticos932210380
GOTLAND CHARTERScharter932240140
KOUKO'S YACHT CHARTERcharter932250266
SKYLINEBCNcharter , sailing boat tours639631149
SONAMARCharter/Sailing School617366362
SAILINGBCNcharter, eventos náuticos931181578
CLUB DE NAVEGACION RYCclub de navegación932210380
CORSA NÀUTICAcharter, escuela, gestoria932023717
AVENTURA NÀUTICABoat Rentals616031289
BLUEMAGICCAT 23 PAXTours en catamarán633562011
BCN NAVAL TOURSTours en catamarán937958568
AZUL SAILINGAlquiler de embarcaciones932847664
BARCELONA CHARTERcharters/experiencias670437910
ICARIASAILINGBARCELONA.COMcharters/experiencias náuticas617870591
CATVENTScharter / escuela670767118
VOYAGES ORSOM SLCharters & Tours 932218283
XMAX BARCELONA SPEED BOATcharter ,tours en cartamarán932218283

Sailing schools

In addition to its fleet of boats for hire, Port Olímpic also has several sailing schools offering all recreational sailing qualifications.

ESCUELA NÁUTICA NEPTUNOnautical school932247199
club de navegación
ESCUELA NÁUTICA SANTALÓescuela náutica934141111
CORSA NÀUTICAescuela náutica
club de navegación
ESCOLA NÀUTICA PORT OLÍMPICEscola nàutica937426591

Club de Mar (Sea Club):

The Port Olímpic Club de Mar is made up of a group of people interested in sailing and carrying out activities on and around the sea, which we try to make as accessible as possible. We do not have huge facilities for our activities but just a space on the port's breakwater. However, we do have a large fleet and a great number of people who take part in the regattas, group excursions and colloquiums we organise. Every first Sunday of the month, we organise a club regatta involving both those learning how to sail and have recently qualified as well as highly experienced sailors. We also regularly hold non-competitive group excursions, where members get together to enjoy the sea, good company and good food; we sail to nearby ports to enjoy the rice dishes of Masnou, a barbeque in Garraf or to swim in Morisca Bay, among other outings.

For more information: +34 656 89 99 60,

Municipal Sailing School

Discover the Municipal Sailing School of Barcelona, with programmes and activities designed for all ages, specialised courses and much more.


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